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Ebony Garden Stone Sculpture PhotoEBONY GARDEN                              

    Sculpted flower forms flow over soft curves and lead the eye to exciting concave leaf impressions.  Ebony Garden is a delight to be enjoyed from every angle of the 360 degree turning base.  It's iridescent quality picks up the colors of surrounding light and adds a fourth dimension.

  A Certificate of Authenticity accompanies the sculpture and a strict record of sales is maintained at Singerton Sculptures.   Ebony Garden will be shown at select art shows throughout the year.

Approximate Size:  24"H x 12" Circular Base
Carved and Polished Black Bombay Steotite Stone
Catalog Number:  70S
Black Marble Rotating Base
Price $1299

   Ebony Garden is an exclusive copyright of Singerton Sculptures.  For more information or assistance, please contact us.


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