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Who Will Follow Me Photo


This striking bronze masterpiece by Ronald Singerton has captured that fateful afternoon of July 3, 1863, at the Gettysburg battlefield, when Confederate General Louis Armistead uttered the courageous challenge, "Who will follow me?"

Commanding one of General Pickett's brigades, Armistead leads his men over a fence toward the union lines.  Decimated, the confederate troops hesitate.  "Lo" Armistead, seeing the crisis, removes his hat, rams his sword through it, and holds it aloft.  Turning to his Virginians, he shouts "Who will follow me?"  The inspired remnants of his brigade follow him over the wall and on to immortality.

Edition Size:  One of a kind
Approximate Size:  28"L x 22"W x 25"H
Catalog Number: 2B
Black Marble Base
Currently Available
PRICE $7900

Who Will Follow Me is an exclusive copyright of Singerton Fine Arts.  For further information or assistance, please contact Singerton Fine Arts.

Close up of Armistead


Soldier's Face

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