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The Dance Bronze Sculpture  THE DANCE    

THE DANCE, now cast in bronze, exists as a vision brought to reality.  It is  a magical display of the euphoric movement of the dance and indeed the dynamic essence of life itself.  THE DANCE demonstrates Ron Singerton's love of classical music and the performing arts.

HIS STORY...   "The Dance, exotic, swirling, mystical -- a matter of motion in time.  I still wonder if (as a child) I really saw the ballet or simply imagined it.  Perhaps it was merely a dream.  There was a man, strong and almost familiar, and a ballerina who arched upward and spun seemingly on nothing but air.  All about the dancers was a mist like silk, which floated about and above them as an incandescent ribbon.
   Faster and faster the dancers pirouetted to the strains of Tschaikovsky's Swan Lake.  I must have been captivated, for certainly it was the first time that I had ever seen such an enchanting vision.  The whole thing, most likely, was only a dream and in time it was replaced by many others.
   Time, like eddies of wind, sped past. Decades merged.  The Dreams never ceased.  It was in a somnambulant moment a year ago that I saw the dancers again.  I woke.  The first light of dawn streaked into the room as I grabbed a pencil and began to sketch on page after page.  I knew that I had seen the same images before, but this time they would not be allowed to simply vanish with the end of the dance."

Edition Size: 15
Approximate Height: 48"
Catalog Number: 25B

Black Marble Base
PRICE $9850

The Dance is an exclusive copyright of Singerton Fine Arts

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